Monday, May 19, 2014

37 Weeks

How far along? 37 weeks

Weight gain? 38 lbs -Yes, I lost weight this past week.  A 4lbs loss was definitely shocking!

Baby is the size of - a watermelon - yikes!

Stretch marks? Still haven't spotted any.  From the feel of my skin stretching from the weight of my belly, I'm completely shocked and still praying that I don't get any!

Sleep? Sleep ….remind me what that is again?  The best sleep I get is after I hit the snooze

Miss anything?  Moving with ease.

Cravings? Fruit and meat.  The look on John's face when he noticed I'd sat down next to him on the couch with a half of a watermelon and a spoon was priceless.  Hey, this girl wanted some watermelon!  

Anything make you queasy or sick? Still the aftermath of giving birth makes me queasy…

Symptoms? Pelvic pain is back and in full force.  It has been a miserably painful week.  So painful that I've resorted to sleeping with a heating pad between my legs in hopes to get even just the slightest bit of relief.  It doesn't really help but I keep telling myself that it might be more painful without the heating pad.  I'm seriously trying to fool myself into believing that…

Belly button - In or out? It's an outie and it's definitely not cute by any means!  Haha

Wedding rings - on or off? They are still off and I'm slowly coming to terms to that they will be till after delivery. Have I mentioned how much I miss wearing them?!

Any movement? He's been working on his leg muscles a lot this week.  We've found humor in my insanely crazy shaped belly, especially when he completely stretches his legs out!  We press against his feet and the other side of my belly (his butt) will protrude even further out.

Happy or moody? I've definitely not been a ray of sunshine this week, but I wouldn't consider myself moody either.  It always helps to have a husband that's as awesome as mine to keep be going and smiling when otherwise I wouldn't feel like it.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? The holy smokes they are really going to let us take a baby home to raise emotions have been hitting me hard this week!  Of course since day one we've known that life is going to change so much with a baby but it's really sinking in now that everything is done and we're just waiting now.  I'm thrilled, I'm excited, I'm scared but most importantly I'm really looking forward to this adventure known as parenthood!   

Looking forward to - Seeing John hold our son for the very first time.  I know it'll absolutely melt my heart a million times over.

Week 37 Fun Fact - Jaxon is still continuing to gain weight.

There's not much to highlight for this week.  I did start my weekly appointments this week with the OB.  Nothing says you are getting close to delivery day like knowing you have weekly appointments from here on out and noticing that your belly has "dropped."  Our bags are packed, including snacks for L&D for John and afterwards for the both of us.  John has the carseat loaded and secured into the Jeep, he even took it by the fire department to have it inspected to make sure it was correct.  We are ready and we are as prepared as prepared can be when it comes to bringing a child into the world.  I don't think anyone could ever honestly say they are fully prepared, but we are as much as possible.
Jaxon, we are beyond excited to meet you! 

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