Monday, March 31, 2014

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks

Weight gain? 32lbs

Baby is the size of - the length of a laptop!  No wonder I've starting feeling so much pressure from him stretching out!

Stretch marks? None!  Yay!

Sleep? I've been really congested this week so it's been hard to get much sleep this week.  I either wake up from lack of being able to breath or I wake up coughing.

Miss anything? Nothing new to add to the list this week

Cravings? Swedish fish….yummy and the usual cravings for fruit

Anything make you queasy or sick? Nope!

Symptoms?  My pelvic pain had eased off a bit until this past week.  I felt like one of those people with bad joints and bones that can "forecast the weather."  Pretty sure my pelvic bones were spot on at predicting the bad weather (snow) that we had this past week because good golly it was painful!

Belly button - In or out?  Flat with a couple wonky areas that are starting to poke out.

Wedding rings - on or off? They are still on!

Any movement? I'm beginning to think that this question is pretty much null and void just like the maternity clothes question from weeks ago…. There's been lots of moment as always.  I even caught him on video dancing around!  Click here to see the video!  He's also finding his way to my ribs occasionally as well as towards my hip bones.  I never thought I'd be ticklish from the inside of my hips but yep…I am!  It tickles when he kicks or punches around them!

Happy or moody? It's been a pretty happy, yet exhausting week.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?  Given we are in our 30th week of pregnancy we are now under 10 weeks till he's here….O-M-Goodness, less than 10 weeks?!?  How did this happen so quickly?!?

Looking forward to -  Getting the fabric order that I just placed online so I can get started on Jaxon's crib skirt and bed rail.  I can't believe that I have waited this long to start on it!  Oh wait….who am I kidding?!?!  I'm a professional procrastinator.  Hopefully, I'll get the ball rolling the day that it arrives!
Here's the fabric that I ordered.  I know, I'm such a sucker BUT the bedding hasn't been made yet, I still have time to change my mind about the Gamecocks fabric (hehe).

Week 30 Fun Fact -  Jaxon's most important organ, his brain, continues to develop at a rapid pace.  His eyes are able to track light and some researchers have theorized that exposing your belly to light my stimulate development.  

Not a lot going on this week to ramble about other than being sick and who really wants to read about that.  Hopefully, I'll be on the mend soon and back to normal so I can get back out and enjoy these last few weeks as just husband and wife before Jaxon arrives.  We have so much fun together and we realize that having a child doesn't mean "life is over" like you hear so many others say, it will just be different from here on out and we are looking forward to our adventures as a family of three!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

29 Weeks

Loving the paint on Jaxon's walls

How far along? 29 weeks

Weight gain? 32lbs as of last week, I didn't get on the scales this week..  My "waistline" is now 42 1/2"

Baby is the size of - a butternut squash

Stretch marks? None!  Yay!

Sleep? Sleep has been hit or miss this week.  I've felt exhausted all week.  I'm not sure if it's due to the pregnancy or just trying to adjust to John's new work schedule.  He's working 2nd shift so it's hard for me to fall asleep before he gets home.  This will definitely have to change this week because I'll be going into the office this week which means I'll have to wake up much earlier to get ready and get there.

Miss anything? Nothing new to add to the list this week

Cravings? Fruit, guess if I'm going to crave something fruit is a good thing to crave.  Although today, I inhaled a bag of swedish fish and I'm resisting the urge to go out and buy another bag!

Anything make you queasy or sick? Nope!

Symptoms?  Loss of energy, I seriously feel like I've re-entered the first few weeks of pregnancy again.  I feel exhausted and the desire to do anything really takes effort this week.  I feel so worthless somedays hope this phase passes.  Acne has decided to make it's horrid appearance on my face yet again.  Where in the world is that "beautiful pregnancy skin" that is promised in everything I've read?!? Apparently, my skin completely missed out on that memo….ugh!

Belly button - In or out?  Flat with a couple wonky areas that are starting to poke out.

Wedding rings - on or off? They are still on!

Any movement? They said at this point he should be falling into sleep patterns.  Honestly, I don't think he ever sleeps, he moves nonstop!

Happy or moody? It's been a pretty happy, yet exhausting week.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?  Happy, sad, terrified, every possible emotion you can have I think I've had it this week!  The reality is setting in that the weeks ahead is on the verge of being in the single digits!

Looking forward to -  Our two baby showers!  Not only is my family throwing a baby shower for us but work will be having a joint shower for me and my coworker in the coming weeks as well!  I'm really looking forward to it!

Week 29 Fun Fact -  Jaxon's adrenal glands are producing a chemical which will be made into estriol (a form of estrogen) by the placenta.  The estriol is thought to stimulate the production of prolactin by your body and the prolactin makes you produce milk.  So even if he comes early, I'll still be able to breastfeed.

This week went so much smoother than last week.  I worked every day from home with my feet propped up on the couch, which in turn led to absolutely no swelling this week!  Thank God!  I was so worried after last week that swelling would be part of daily life from here till the end of pregnancy.  It's so nice to know that it's not and that I only have to be cautious and worried about the swelling during my in-office work weeks.

John started his new job this week.  So far, he's really enjoying it!  It's been an adjustment for me and him both since he's working 2nd shift.  It's hard for me to get in the mindset that I NEED sleep and that I can't go to bed when he goes to bed.  Even though I'd be in bed by the time he got home, I was rarely asleep because I wanted to know how his evening went.  Which I'm sure is mostly to blame for my exhaustion this week!  I definitely miss him not being here, especially at supper time since we usually cooked dinner together nightly.  It was nice having him home to talk to during my workday though!

We got our baby shower invitations done and sent out this past week.  Here's a picture of the invitations!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

28 Weeks

How far along? 28 weeks

Weight gain? 32lbs

Baby is the size of - an eggplant

Stretch marks? No stretch marks that I have found but when I look in the mirror and see how large my belly has gotten, I'm in complete amazement that I'm not covered in them!

Sleep? Sleep has been pretty good this week other than the moments when I try to roll over or reposition myself.  Ouch!

Miss anything? Nothing new to add to the list this week

Cravings? Calhoun's (my favorite restaurant).  Knowing that we were going to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg on Saturday, I craved Calhoun's.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Nope!

Symptoms?  The beyond painful broken crotch.  Ouch!  I eat Tums like candy now.  This past week I went in to work in the office by the end of my second day there, I looked like I was carrying water sacks around my ankles.  My legs were even swollen, the left leg more so than the right.

Belly button - In or out?  Flat

Wedding rings - on or off? They are still on!

Any movement? Lots & lots!

Happy or moody? The first part of week 28 started out pretty sad, but after seeing Jaxon during our ultrasound it's hard to be anything but happy!

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?  The first few days of the 28th week were upsetting for me.  With the swollen ankles and legs it was hard not to get discouraged.  Everything had been going so well and then I turn into a marshmallow!

Looking forward to -  Meeting our handsome little man!  After seeing him during our 3D/4D ultrasound, we cannot wait to meet him!  He's such a little cutie!  He's already melted our hearts!

Week 28 Fun Fact -  The brain will increase 400-500% in weight between now and delivery.  Jaxon can now taste, smell and also produce tears. His body fat is around 2-3% currently.

This past week, we had a 3D/4D ultrasound to see our little mister.  It was beyond exciting to see him in such detail.  He had his legs above his head the whole entire time!  He smiled lots and he has the absolute sweetest little smile!  He likes to play with and suck on his cord.  We found out his estimated weight, according to his measurements, is 2lbs and 10ozs. He's got longer than average legs, which is no surprise considering how long his daddy's legs are!  The office that we used offers to have your baby's heartbeat recorded and put inside a stuffed animal, of course, we couldn't resist! Our experience was indescribable and I'd definitely recommend having a 3D/4D ultrasound.

Yesterday we took a trip to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg with my mom and niece, Tabitha.  It was a great trip and it was so nice to get out and walk around in the sunshine, even if it did hurt from time to time.  We walked 3.4 miles yesterday and surprisingly, my body doesn't feel like it's been completely beat up today!  Little did we know that when we got to Gatlinburg that there was a Clause Fest going on.  Who would've thought that you'd see 350 Santas and hear "Merry Christmas" in March?!?  It was also where I had the first stranger ever approached me and touched my belly.  It was one of the Santas and he came up and put his ear against my belly!  Ummmm….that really took me by surprise to say the least!

We cannot wait to meet Jaxon in June!

28 weeks 2 days 3D/4D ultrasound
28 weeks 2 days 3D/4D ultrasound

Sunday, March 9, 2014

27 Weeks….Hello Third Trimester

How far along? 27 weeks

Weight gain? Haven't stepped on the scales this week.

Baby is the size of - a cauliflower  

Stretch marks? No stretch marks but the cellulite on my thighs and rear is seriously getting beyond ridiculous

Sleep? Sleep was pretty good at the start of week 27 but the past two nights I've been stiffening up pretty bad and it's painful to move which in turn, wakes me at the slightest movement during the night.

Miss anything? A selection of bras.  Yes, you read that right, I miss having a bra selection!  I've outgrew all my pre pregnancy bras and it's now slim pickings in the undergarment selection.  Nothing makes you feel more attractive than a nude bra worn almost daily *sigh*

Cravings? I haven't really craved anything this week.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Nope!

Symptoms?  The beyond painful broken crotch.  Ouch!  And major heartburn this week.

Belly button - in or out? It's been more flat this week than in

Wedding rings - on or off? They are still on!

Any movement? He's still kicking hard and strong!  Lots of kicks and it cracks me up that he's got such a personality already.  The slightest touch in "his" area and he starts kicking you away!  He's woke me up a few times when I've been sleeping on my side with my arm laid against my belly because he's been trying to get me to move it!

Happy or moody? I've had yet another happy week!  I found out I passed my glucose test and John got an offer for a great job opportunity this past week so it's definitely been happy!

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?  The whole reality of it all is setting in as we entered the third and final trimester, next phase is us being parents to a newborn… ekkkkk!  I'm excited and terrified all at the same time.  We are looking forward to it though and cannot wait to meet our little mister! This past week John read him his first book before we went to bed.  Yes, my heart melted like butter!  He's going to be the best daddy ever!

Looking forward to -  Our 3D/4D ultrasound that is scheduled for this coming Friday!  We are so excited to get a detailed peek at our little man!  Also, the room is coming along wonderfully!  I'm so in love with it and there's still a lot of work to be done!  The colors are on the wall, next up is carpet!

Week 27 Fun Fact - Sweet dreams little Jaxon!  Some experts believe that babies begin to dream by week 27.  What do they dream about?  No one knows for sure but his brain is certainly active now.  The characteristic grooves on his brain's surface is starting to appear and more brain tissue is developing.

This past week was a hard one for our family.  My cousin Michelle would have turned 32 on Saturday, March 8th.  Her life was tragically taken from us on September 13, 2012.  It's a night that I will never be able to erase from my mind.  On Saturday, our family and friends met at the location of the wreck to celebrate her birthday.  There was a dove release as well as a balloon release followed up with birthday cake.  Below I've added some imaged from Saturday as well as a link to a video I created from a lantern ceremony we previously had marking 1 year since her death.
Lantern Ceremony Video
Here are a few photos from Saturday…..

Sunday, March 2, 2014

26 Weeks

How far along? 26 weeks

Weight gain? My belly is still measuring in at 41" and the scales at my appointment showed a weight gain of 27lbs

Baby is the size of - a head of lettuce

Stretch marks? No signs of any as of yet *insert sigh of relief*

Sleep? Sleep was just okay this week and getting up was beyond rough.  I worked in the office this week so stiffness and soreness from sitting upright in a desk chair for 9 hours really took a toll on me by the end of the week making everything uncomfortable.

Miss anything? Adderall, yes I said it, I miss my Adderall.  I've been beyond distracted this week and I'm sure that's it's only going to continue to go downhill as it gets closer to due date!

Cravings? Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  The fact that Easter candy is now out in full force on the shelves in the stores might have a lot to do with this though.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Nope!

Symptoms?  Just the painful broken crotch.  Ouch!

Belly button - in or out? My belly button is still confused this week.  Sometimes it's in sometimes it's flat.

Wedding rings - on or off? They are still on!

Any movement? After this past week I'm certain that I'm having an acrobatic circus monkey instead of a human baby!  Nonstop, day & night!

Happy or moody? I've had yet another happy week!

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?  I psyched myself out all week over that dang ole glucose test that I had to take on Friday.  I was a wreck I had myself so worked up over it.

Looking forward to -  Finishing up the paint and laying the carpet in Jaxon's room!  It's looking so good and it only has one coat of the first color on the walls and we are already thrilled about it!

Week 26 Fun Fact - Jaxon's hearing system is now developed and completely formed.  Guess we can start reading him books now and letting him listen to some music! His eyes are almost fully formed.  Did you know that all babies have blue eyes in the womb, no matter what their genetic inheritance?  A baby's eyes don't get their final color until a few months after they are born.  Personally, I wouldn't mind if Jaxon kept his blue eyes, his daddy sure does have some pretty blue eyes!  The air sacs of the lungs will also be developed by the end of this week!

*I do not own this photo*
Just reading all of the fun facts for this week gets me excited!  Our little boy is making leaps and bounds in terms of development!  It's absolutely amazing how quickly babies develop in the womb.  It makes me think back to our first trip to Vegas.  We went to The Bodies Exhibition they have a special "in the womb" section that you can go through if you chose to.  I won't lie, it wasn't a "well duh" decision for me.  I was unsure how I felt about seeing these unborn babies but we decided to go in knowing that we could bolt the second either of us became uncomfortable.  Knowing that none of the babies were taken via abortion took the unsettling and heavy feeling away.  All the fetal specimens in the exhibit perished in utero due to complications in the pregnancy.  We were absolutely fascinated seeing the changes from week to week that a baby goes through while developing in the womb.   Some weeks I get a little down on myself because I feel "lazy" and I don't have the energy to do much but if you look at what my body is really going through and doing, I'm simply amazed!  Hey, this weeks my body has finished developing a complex hearing system and well as developed air sacs in my baby's lungs!  What has your body done this week?

Even though John was gone Monday through Thursday night, it's been a busy week in our household.  I worked in the office this week.  It was the first time in weeks that I had been into the office to work.  It was shocking to several just how much my bump had grown!  I was supposed to work 4 days in the office but ended up having to work the final day from home.  Three days sitting in a desk chair and not being able to stretch out was too much for my broken crotch for 9 hours so luckily they were understanding enough to let me finish my week via teleworking.  Friday was the dreaded day, the glucose test…needles…ICK!  I hate, hate, hate needles and I was beyond dreading this appointment.  Everyone always talks about how bad the drink it but I was sweating bullets over the blood work!  I really don't see why everyone has such a hangup over the drink anyways, it wasn't bad.  To me it tasted like the orange flavored Dasani water drops.  Call me crazy but I didn't even think it was sweet.  But this comes from the girl that craves sugar and Dr. Pepper…..

Jaxon's walls have some color after this weekend, we have our two coats of grey on the walls and they look fantastic!  It's such a sporty grey, if there really such a thing as sporty grey?  If not, I'm declaring that yes, there is and it's painted on Jaxon's walls! So excited to get the red wall complete and to get the carpet laid, it's going to look awesome I have no doubt! 

We also worked on the china cabinet this weekend as well.  This is a family heirloom that needs some TLC and restoration but we decided to hold on off on the restoration part until after Jaxon is a couple years old.  As I've said before, I'm a realist, we know that having a baby/toddler that will be in a walker and hammering on things in no time that the cabinet is just going to get banged up and require restoration once again.  So with that in mind, we are just going to get it cleaned up and looking as sharp as possible for now and we will have it completely restored in a couple years.