Tuesday, May 13, 2014

36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks

Weight gain? 42 lbs

Baby is the size of - a honeydew melon

Stretch marks? None! Yay!

Sleep? Sleep has been an absolute struggle once again this week.  I'm sure since Jaxon is head down and constantly putting pressure on my pelvic bones that it's not going to change until he's out.

Miss anything?  Moving with ease.

Cravings? Fruit.  I think I could eat my weight in honeydew this week, which is kind of disturbing considering that Jaxon's size is comparable to a honeydew.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Lately I've been looking past the delivery day and the actual recovery and how I'll feel during the process makes me a little queasy.  I have my supply for making "padcicles" and they will be made soon and waiting for me in the freezer.

Symptoms? Pelvic pain is back and in full force.

Belly button - In or out? It's quite the outie anymore

Wedding rings - on or off? This has been the first full week without them.  Have I mentioned how much I miss wearing them?!

Any movement? He's still making my stomach look all sorts of abstract this week.  Poor fella has ran out of room but boy he puts in a strong effort to stretch!  He's going to have some strong leg muscles!

Happy or moody? It's overall been a happy week.  Being this uncomfortable, it's hard to be a ray of sunshine all the time anymore.  Little things and comments sting a little more than usual, but I bite my tongue.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? I've had to keep my emotions in check this week, as I'm sure I'll have to do for the rest of the pregnancy.  I'm quick to speak my mind with no filter but to add constant uncomfortableness into the mix, I've found that I just need to bite my tongue more than usual.

Looking forward to - Seeing his face and holding him for the first time!  We are so antsy to have him here!  I'm looking forward to this coming weekend as well, John is off from work for the whole weekend!  You have no idea how happy this makes me….seriously.

Week 36 Fun Fact - Jaxon's continuing to fatten up at this point.  His lungs are still developing but he could survive outside the womb at this point.

This week marked my first "unofficial" Mother's Day.  With all of Jaxon's stretching and movements he made sure that while I may not have him to share with everyone else yet that yes, I am in fact his mother.  He made sure to keep me extra comfortable at times just so I didn't forget that I reckon.  It was a good day overall, even if John did have to work the majority of the day he was able to spend spend the last part of it with me.  I even got a special pot of flowers from church for having the "youngest child."  Mother's Day was something I thought I'd never share personally as a mother.  Crazy how love and years can change a person's mind.

This week was also the start to my weekly OB appointments.  What a milestone moment that they like to commemorate with the Strep B test.  Sweet heavens I'm glad I googled that before I went in to the appointment!  After she'd completely violated me with a cotton swab, the OB asked if I wanted her to check to see if I had dilated any.  Of course if I'm going to put the effort into getting my clothes off and having to put them back on, on top of being violated, by all means make it completely worth the effort and pain I thought.  I'm a fingertip dilated, don't get excited y'all it was only a fingertip!  He's in position though.  Poor Jaxon may come out cross eyed from the OB shaking his head back and forth between my bones just to "make sure it was his head."

And for those wondering, our bags are 95% packed now.  I had to order Jaxon an extra diaper bag since the one I really wanted is still on backorder and has been for over 3 months now.  Seriously, how does one get their heart set on a diaper bag only to find it's been backordered?!  Only me, only me…. 

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