Monday, February 24, 2014

25 Weeks…. My Belly is how BIG?!?!

How far along? 25 weeks

Weight gain? ??? Good question, I don't know!  It's been two weeks since I've looked at a scale! (Note to self: buy scales for home) But I do have a tape measure and I can tell you that my belly is 41"

Baby is the size of - a cauliflower

Stretch marks? No signs of any as of yet *insert sigh of relief*

Sleep? This week has been better as far as sleep.  This might be due to the fact that the past few nights we've went to bed after I'm beyond the point of exhaustion so I've slept through the night.

Miss anything? Nothing new on the miss list this week

Cravings? Frozen chocolate covered bananas and spicy shrimp tacos

Anything make you queasy or sick? The glucose test is on Friday.  I'm ready to get this behind me, I had needles and blood work.  Crazy that the only thing that makes this pregnant gal sick or queasy is the thought of having blood drawn!

Symptoms?  This week I had my first nose bleed.  I've been told these are pretty common with pregnancy so I wasn't worried; even more so since my sinuses have been on drip since the day I got pregnant I'm pretty certain.  Also "the line" started making it's subtle appearance on my belly.

Belly button - in or out? This week my belly button can't figure out if it wants to be an "innie" or flat.  In the mornings when I wake up it's a big on the innie side but by the end of the day, it's flat again.

Wedding rings - on or off? They are on.  They leave an imprint on my finger if I take them off but they aren't uncomfortable or hard to take off.  Hope it stays this way.

Any movement? He's still in full ninja mode and kicking lots.

Happy or moody? It's been a happy week this week!

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?  This week I've had the whole "time is flying" feeling and the need to get everything rolling is kicking in!

Looking forward to -  We've started the painting in Jaxon's room finally so I'm really looking forward to getting that complete and getting the carpet installed so we can get the crib put together and the furniture in place.

Week 25 Fun Fact - Jaxon can now touch and hold his feet as well as make a fist!  Also, I just read that John may be able to hear his heartbeat by pressing his ear against my belly!  HOW COOL!  We will have to try this!  This is definitely something that he can experience that I can't during this pregnancy!

He HATES the vacuum cleaner!  He attacks it every time!

Okie making sure that John had the windows taped good before primer!

The weather has been so nice this week, I feel as though it was just a complete tease of spring though.  But, I'll take whatever nice weather we can get at this point.  It's been great to get outside and to open the windows and feel the fresh air flowing in!  It's been much needed in so many ways!

I officially got us signed up for a birthing class.  Hopefully we'll learn a few things aside from the obvious that will benefit us.  It includes the hospital tour, which I definitely wanted to do.  Obviously, after working there for 4 years, I know what all the units look like but it can be alarming to walk into a NICU for the first time.  I'm not the type of girl that ever lives in the "sunshine and rainbows" state of mind, I'm more of a realist and know that things can happen and in case they do, I didn't want John's first step inside a NICU to be with our child.

Next on the list to get signed up for is an infant CPR course as well scheduling a 3D ultrasound

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