Saturday, December 7, 2013

14 Weeks

How far along? 14 weeks

Weight gain?  7lb gain and holding (for now)

Baby is the size of a Lemon

Maternity clothes?   I'm finding them increasingly more and more comfortable

Stretch marks? Still in the clear when it come to stretch marks!  However, a bit of cellulite is showing up…Boo!  I've been using my Mary Kay Extra Emollient Cream at night and Vasoline Aloe Gel the rest of the time.

Sleep?  This past week, I went to bed way early two nights in a row and slept completely through the night!  I felt amazing after those nights!  The other nights, now that's a different story!

Miss anything?  Other than the previous mentioned, nothing new to add.

Cravings?  I'm still stuck on Cuties.  Mozzarella sticks and salsa was also a must have this week.  The other day John came home and I was eating a pickle and drinking a glass of milk.  Minutes afterward I was like, "Did I seriously just drink a glass of milk and eat a pickle at the same time….ewww!"  Hello weird food combos!

Anything make you queasy or sick?  Just those darned headaches.  Go away!

Symptoms?  Headaches, please go away, I'm begging.  Acne, UGH; I've always had a problem with it but this week it's flared up something fierce! Between the headaches, sleepiness, weight gain and acne it's really hard to feel pretty a lot of days.

Belly button - in or out? IN!  Although, it's starting to look a little wonky.

Wedding rings - on or off?  ON!  They get tight from time to time, but I'm not taking them off (for now)

Happy or moody?  Happy :) for the most part with a side of stress.  Bank of America knows how to get my blood boiling when it comes to the house loan!

Looking forward to - January 8th!  We find out if we are having a boy or girl! We also have another appointment on Monday just for a check up and to hear the baby's heartbeat again.  I'm excited since John will be able to come this time!

Advice I think I'll pass on - One of the workers at our OB office told me that if I didn't feel like eating, it was okay.  Test had been done on babies born to women while in concentration camps and they did just fine.  She then followed up with the fact that I may not fair so well if I don't eat because they baby will take everything possible from me but who in the world tells this to a pregnant person?!  Ummmm…I think I had to pick my jaw up off the conference room table I was sitting at before I left that day!  WORST advice hands down I think that I will hear throughout this pregnancy!  EAT, GAIN WEIGHT, BE HEALTHY FOR YOU & BABY!

This week I had a birthday, I celebrated the 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday. What a difference a couple years can make in how we celebrated.  This year, I worked on my birthday and afterwards met my husband for dinner at Ichiban and a movie.  Ichiban is always a great place to grab hibachi and sushi.  Before you flip out, NO, I did not eat raw sushi!  I did have a "Bonsai" Roll, which is made of avocado, cream cheese and crab wrapped in cucumber.  YUM!  It's my absolute favorite roll and I'm thrilled that I can eat it while pregnant! After dinner, we went to see the animated movie Frozen.  It was a cute movie but I was rather disappointed that most of the funny parts were in the commercials.  It was a great night though, I always enjoy getting out and spending time with my husband! 


We did get together at my parents house to celebrate with the family the day after, since it was a Friday and everyone could be there.  Me & the baby enjoyed a cookie cake and an ice cream cake, YUM! 

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